Apple Imac Replacement- Update / by Tony Rundle

In my previous blog, I explained why I have become disillusioned with Apple and Imacs.

Just to update on events since then, a couple of things have happened:

1) The latest Adobe updates to Lightroom and Photoshop require a more recent version of OS than El Capitan, so I reluctantly updated to Sierra (not High Sierra). This not only kept by Adobe software up to date, but had the added bonus of letting me use a version of Pages and Numbers that could, once again, read all my documents. I’m still using Microsoft Office now, though. So far, the upgrade doesn’t seem to have had an adverse effect.

2) I’ve finally found out the UK cost of a Microsoft Surface Studio. Since (like current iMacs) it seems practically impossible to upgrade, I’d go for the highest spec. It costs £4,749.00, so I shall certainly not pull the trigger on that for a while. I shall have another look at the alternatives.