Why I'm Thinking of moving from Apple to Windows by Tony Rundle

Ever since Apple stopped developing Aperture and apparently moved developers from the Mac OS team to the iPhone and iPad team, I have been a little concerned about staying with Apple. I have been using Macbooks and iMacs since I moved over from Windows about twelve years ago. I loved the fact that everything just worked. The performance was good, the apps integrated together nicely and, in those days, Macs were the industry standard for serious photography or music. If you didn’t use a Mac, you were slightly suspect (although some brave souls fought against this.)

But, since then, things have gradually changed.

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Canon 5D Mk IV Wifi Transfer Speeds by Tony Rundle

I’ve recently updated my main camera to a Canon 5D Mk IV - mainly because of it’s better dynamic range and low light performance, although the snappier focussing and a host of other improvements were attractive too.

I decided to carry out a few tests to see if the Wifi performance was any better or worse than the 6D. The short answer is that it seems about the same. So no surprises there.

I thought it might be worth recording some results though.

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In the North East by Tony Rundle

Well, I've done it! I've moved from Northampton to Houghton-le-Spring - between Durham and Washington. Over the last year I've stopped doing weddings and most print-on-site events to concentrate on commercial work. I am especially excited about the possibility of using some of the fantastic locations around here - Bamburgh, with it's wonderful beaches with the castle in the background, Alnwick (used in many films including some of the Harry Potter series), Hadrian's Wall, and Barnard Castle, where the Bowes Museum is described as a French Chateau in the North of England. If you want something grittier and more industrial, how about the Tees Transporter Bridge, or the High Level bridge in Newcastle. Just watch "Get Carter" to get a feel of what can be done, although the beaches have been cleaned up since then! Beamish Museum could be used for period scenes, and there are lots of lovely little streets in Durham, Newcastle and the other towns.

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