My start in photography was actually as a male model, for Mobo Toys, aged about 4.  I started photography as a hobby using a box camera when still at junior school. Bitten by the “bug”, I used to do my own developing and printing in the cellar using a homemade enlarger adapted from a plate camera. I also mixed all my own chemicals. Later I was given my first 35mm camera – a Paxette.

In about 1997, I bought a film scanner, an A3 colour printer, a copy of Photoshop, and entered the world of digital photography. Nowadays I use the latest digital equipment almost entirely, although I sometimes miss the excitement of seeing pictures gradually emerge on paper in the dim red light of a darkroom.

For the last ten years, I have been making my living as a commercial photographer, and have been lucky enough to have been asked to undertake a fascinating range of assignments for my clients.

I officially retired from the Photography business in March 2019, but will still consider particularly interesting or exciting projects, if I can fit them in with my music and other activities (see